KMC Music Awards 2013

About Kansai Music Conference

Achieving a milestone that other similar events in Japan have attempted but never reached, KMC will mark 5 years of success and growth as the only independently run, globally focused music conference in Japan. As an annual event that brings together independent musicians from all over the world, the ongoing theme of “Building Bridges With Music,” is not just a phrase, it’s an experience that thousands of music lovers in Japan and abroad celebrate and look forward to every year. “I’ve met more people from around the world at KMC than I have anywhere else in my life.” - Dale Campbell (UK)

About KMC Music Awards

Bringing attention to professional independent musicians who deserve recognition and congratulation, KMC and related partners will be presenting them with a "KMC Music Award." These awards are not only intended to celebrate and promote great music and musicians, but also to promote diversity and creativity in the Japanese music scene. On Sept. 20, KMC Music Awards will be presented to KMC artists who are living it with a passion. Eligible musicians for this year must have performed at, or participated in any KMC event between May 2012 - May 2013. Recipients are not restricted by musical genres, background or native culture.

Performer of the Year Award

This award is presented to a band or artist that knows how to entertain the audience. They have a supportive fan base and have shown that they know how to develop, keep and satisfy their fans with recorded music, regular communication and great live performances that leave audiences wanting more.

Application Qualification

KMC2013 Nominees


Vote :July 5th 15:00 - July 20th 23:59
Winner Announced :Sept 20th

Award Ceremony:Sept 20th at Hard Rock Cafe Osaka

About vote
1.You must have Facebook or Twitter account to vote.
2.Authorize apps using your account to vote.
3.One artist two votes via facebook and twitter.
Afrter 7days from first votes you will be able to vote again.
4.Smartphones or PC are required.
5.System requirements for voting.
[OS]Windows XP、Windows Vista、Windows 7、Mac OS X 10.4 or later
[Browser]Internet Explorer8.x 9.xFirefox latest Safari 5.x Chrome latest
【Smart Phone browser】iOS4、Android2.2 or later
※Mac IE, full browser, Windows Phone, BlackBerry are not supported.
5.Prohibited activities
Using several Twitter accounts and/or Facebook accounts to vote.
1.No purchase is necessary to enter or win.
2.We will not accept any applications after the closing date.
3.We will not accept any questions about the selection results after the closing date.
4.We will not accept submission from mobile or smartphones.
5.The Contest is open only to those who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry.
6.The personally identifiable information you submit to us is generally used to carry out your requests, to respond to your inquiries, to better serve you, or in other ways naturally associated with the circumstances in which you provided the information.
    • ころきゅう (神高京子)
    • Robin's Egg Blue
    • Ken Totushek
    • LaTonya Peoples
    • 池内優介│太陽のシンガーソングライター
    • Qujaku Show
    • 新涼平
    • Tomas Mach
    • BLACKUR0
    • tsukasa
    • Denise Rosier
    • 轟  駿
    • 馬道まさたか/Masataka Umamichi
    • フジヤマウンテン
    • SexRex
    • Vivian Hernaez
    • Johnny Alegre
    • osh10
    • Cassandra Peake
    • LaTonya Whitaker
    • 七色キッド
    • Caracal
    • Chamyu
    • KATYA
    • clear
    • no wise
    • Menocu
    • 潦(にわたずみ)/ Niwatazumi
    • Bobby
    • Paintbox City
    • Life Under (eN)
    • Ouzeout
    • La Nota
    • Curtis Traylor & the CT Connection
    • Rhyming Gaijin
    • 世史久(yoshihisa)
    • Wildelux
    • Tha Black Knights
    • Marcelo Fruet & Os Cozinheiros
    • 和奏伎 (Wakanagi)
    • 伊藤麻衣子(Maiko Ito)
    • Bhannana

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